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Progress Report: Sept 17, 2015 - EcomDOCs

I’ve been relatively quiet for the past couple weeks, which is because of all the things I have going on behind the scenes. I thought it was time for an update. We’ve been hovering around $50k a month in gross sales for about 60 days now. We’ve stalled a little bit for 2 reasons.

1. We’ve been stocking up for our Zonblast promos, which has caused some tight financial tightrope situations that we’ve had to walk. Let’s just say we’ve been taking full advantage of our newly increased credit limit. We just finished our first Zonwave of about 400 units, which has artificially pushed our 30 day trailing revenue up to about $56k.

2. Our next few products have taken considerably longer to role out because it’s been difficult to find the right supplier with the highest quality products.

Part of the reason that our progress has slowed is because I’ve been spending the last 30-60 days testing and setting up infrastructure that will allow us to scale beyond $100k per month with minimal staff. Here is our current software.

It’s a little on the pricey side, but we started to have issues with keeping track of orders after we started having regular sales of about 7-10 products. Skubana will allow us to keep track of our orders and plan our inventory automatically without having extra staff for the job.

After searching far and wide for a good helpdesk solution for our VA to use to manage multichannel customer support, I finally settled on TW Desk for a few reasons.

  1. Its design is simple, clean, and it works the way my brain works.
  2. With my other businesses, we had a need for many users that take infrequent tickets. The pricing structure of Desk allows for this nicely.
  3. We are using desk to create open tickets for each of our orders from suppliers. If the ticket is open, the delivery is pending and we handle all communication within that ticket.
  4. The Teamwork developers are adding new features rapidly.

A little tip of the hat to Alan. TWP integrates nicely into TWD and it’ll only get better. As our team grows, we’ll use TWP to keep everything organized.

A business essential. We are still waiting for the Skubana integration to make full use of it.

Skubana my end up replacing this software, but it does a good job at segmenting the stats into products and product lines.

Used on a weekly basis to track keyword rankings when running promos.

Switched from feedback genius do to better usability and a few key features.

I do most of my keyword research with MW because it’s fast and easy. I think it’s accurate enough.

This is really all I use for product research now. I skip ebay and terapeak in favor of estimated Amazon data.

We’ve begun the process of expanding onto Sears and Rakuten. This is only really made possible by Skubana, because I’m certainly not going to manually fulfill all those orders.


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